Published 2 years ago in HipHop (german)

Freder Seric - Ocean (

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This is a song where i try to put in the spirit of my passed father. It's motivational, chilly, dreamy, has melodic rap elements and deals mostly with improving your life.


Freder Seric
Chase your Dreams

Staring over the ocean Baby
Swimming in our own Pool

verse 1:
at the 10th of every month i'm broke already
got my master degree but feel like a joker really
i'm not really sure, how to get by
baby cmon in my car and let's ride

verse 2:
dreaming of this lifestyle
i want it right now
let's become rich girl
let's make some hits yaaaaaaaaa
don't want to work no
just see your twerk show
no 9 to 5 job
let's live our life more

we'll be on red carpet
nomineed best artist
it's like a quest started
it will be fat harvest
we're gonna be the target
songs sold on black market
you won't believe what has happened to us

we're in the pool drinking champagne
inside we're still feeling the same
there's still so much more to achieve
things noone will ever believe

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